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Even if an installation is perfect and all the proper maintenance is performed, there are always situations where an unforeseen circumstance will require immediate attention. Accidents, natural conditions (heavy storms, tornados, whirlwinds, earthquakes, etc…), power surges or cut offs, malicious acts, fires, short-circuits and human error are some of the reasons that may result in an unplanned visit of a technician to the premises that a climate control system has been installed.

Such a service requires personnel to be on a stand-by basis at all times. It is also a service that weighs heavily when a decision is to be taken on which company to award an installation and maintenance contract. Big corporations do not usually take into account the cost of an initial installation as much as the services offered afterwards. For their way of thinking, a low cost of installation without the proper support is no low cost.

Miami Air Conditioning provides contact information so that one of our technicians can immediately visit your premises and take care of whatever repair or restoration of a system to a perfect working order is required.

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