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Air conditioning is a collection of machinery. And like any other sort of machinery it requires maintenance to keep working in top efficiency and economically. As time passes by, various reasons will result in some mechanical parts getting worn out or dirt and dust accumulated in the air passages making it difficult to circulate the air and therefore regulate the climate.

As more and more obstacles are added, our system needs more power to perform as efficiently as we need it to. And this costs money at the electric or gas bills. If the machinery is not maintained, there will come a point where power is consumed but no result enjoyed. If we still keep the system running without the proper maintenance, the next step is damage, repair and / or replacement. And this costs a lot more than what we would have paid if we called the appropriate technicians in the time intervals recommended and kept the system in top shape.

If we add to the above a possible depletion of the cooling fluids contained through evaporation which will result in power consumption without result and the possibility of a leak somewhere which allows this fluid to be released into the environment, which poses an even greater health hazard, it becomes evident that proper maintenance is of the utmost importance.

When we install an air conditioning system, it is an investment. An investment that is supposed to be kept up and running for many years. In some respects the maintenance of an air conditioning system is even more important than the initial installation. And it requires people that know what they are doing, as a system that is not properly maintained, apart from the aforementioned problems, will have a negative effect on the company that sent these people to perform the maintenance.

Our technicians are always the best trained and the most experienced ones for this business. Through the years we built a brand name of high quality. And we want to keep it that way. Giving us a call or sending us a message will get you these technicians and you will see firsthand the level of services provided. And at the most affordable and reasonable rates of the market.

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