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Air conditioning is the process of regulating the temperature inside a room, an office, a concert hall, a stadium or wherever is needed to make it more comfortable for the people that will find themselves inside for any reason. Air conditioning is also used to keep products fresh or frozen wherever even the biggest regular refrigerators are not big enough to handle the requirements.

When we are talking about air conditioning, we are talking about producing cool or cold air to lower the temperature of a certain area. This process requires a multitude of machines and other equipment. Let’s discuss what is involved in a full air conditioning system:

➢ Central Air Systems
Those are the systems that allow one central unit to cool the air for an entire house of or office building and circulate it through ducts. Central air systems are usually decided upon and positioned in a location for good. They remain there until it is time for new units to replace the old ones. They are also serviced on site which requires that professional technicians are available to get to the premises and perform this task.

➢ Energy Efficient Systems
This is the most important part of the technology in reference to the environment and the most economic ones in reference to the bills for the power or gas consumption. Based on the most recent specs they allow for the minimal use of energy to produce the required results.

➢ Commercial Refrigeration
Commercial refrigeration refers to all those closet like machines with display glasses that people see in a super market. The units that usually contain soda bottles, beer, dairy products that must always remain at a specific temperature and frozen goods. In general everything that has to be kept at a regulated climate and environment is put in one of these units. All of them are dependent upon specific variations of air conditioning technology that allows even for fruit and vegetables to remain fresh for quite a long time as long as they are kept working at peak performance at all times.

➢ Walk-in Freezers
If you have ever been inside a meat factory you know what we are talking about. Especially meat needs very heavy applications of air conditioning. The walk-in part refers to those spaces where someone opens a door, walks in the freezer and walks out again carrying any kind of frozen good.

If you enter a walk-in freezer, remember to wear the appropriate clothing. You are not to remain amongst the goods that are kept there.

➢ Ductless split AC
These usually pertain to the installation of an air conditioning unit for a single room or a single area. They include an outside unit which is usually placed on a base on the wall and an inside unit which distributes the air around, connected with copper pipes but without ducts. This is the most popular form of air conditioning installations globally, but not the most cost effective and environmentally friendly one.

Starting at 7,500 BTU all the way up to 60,000 BTU they are enough to provide both heat and cold for areas up to 300 square meters.

➢ Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers
Dry climates lack moisture. A dry environment is generally not a good thing for a person’s health, especially as far as the lungs and the skin are concerned. A humidifier will add the necessary amount of moisture to maintain the air healthy and in the highest of qualities.

In contrast, wet climates have excessive moisture. Moisture that can even rot cement and take down walls. Dehumidifiers are devices that remove the excessive moisture from the atmosphere and maintain the air at its natural levels. Dehumidifiers are also imperative in rooms where electronics are being stored which are very vulnerable to heat and moisture. A computer server room for example must have no moisture at all if possible.

➢ Air Cleaners/Filters
Air cleaners and filters are supposed to remove the airborne bacteria, odors, smoke and other harmful elements from the air inside a place so that it can be kept clean and of good quality. This process is usually handled by an air purifier.

Installing such systems is a rather complicated process that it is strongly recommended not to be performed by amateurs or inexperienced professionals without supervision. It is of no use to try and save money on the installation by doing it yourself. It will cost you much more should it become necessary to redesign or take out and re-install the entire system from top to bottom. And even more if those systems must be repaired or, even worse, replaced before their proper installation can proceed.

Especially if we are talking about big office buildings and other air conditioning applications for professional use, where issues of additional safety exist and provisions must be made for keeping the climate the same, at a time where plenty of visitors and customers are in the premises. This may cause inefficiency in the climate regulation if their number is greater than anticipated.

No matter what you need air conditioning for, we are there to handle things for you. Just call us or drop us a note and our experts will come to your location and discuss with you about your needs, expectations and of course your budget. Then we would be more than glad to tailor a solution that will sufficiently cover everything.

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