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The purpose of controlling the climate and the atmosphere inside an area is not only a matter of regulating the ambient temperature. It is also about providing a high level of air quality. This is achieved by removing from the air the particles that can produce problems as well as odors. Smoke, bacteria and dust are such particles.

The best way to do that is to install an air purifier. As easy it is to speak the word, as hard it is to install the right one. First of all the appropriate air filters have to be included. Especially for households inhabited by people with allergy problems. HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters) are the best for this purpose.

The next step is to make sure that the device we install is able to remove as many of the harmful particles from the air as possible. All commercially available purifiers are marked with a number that ranges from 10 to 450. This is the performance index and the higher it is the more particles it removes and the cleaner the air becomes. Unfortunately the higher the rating the more the purifier costs.

Third, the appropriate size of purifier is to be installed depending on the size of the room it is to be installed. In a very big room, if a small purifier is installed, it will have no effect. Each model includes in its specifications the maximum coverage area. It is wise to allow for a 20 to 25% leeway. If the room size is 100 square meters, the purifier should be rated for maximum coverage between 120 and 130 square meters.

Last but by no means least, comes the noise. Especially the fans can drive someone crazy with the noise levels they produce. This is the second reason for allowing the 20 to 25% leeway we discussed above. It will allow the fans to operate at lower speeds thus reducing the overall noise. Not all, but some of the models out on the market have noise rating specifications included.

An air purifier is an investment just like any air conditioning, heating or HVAC system. An investment that must be made after expert advice has been given by people who have direct knowledge of the premises, after an onsite evaluation, and direct knowledge of the specifications of most air purifiers out there, to suggest the best one per case.

Miami Air conditioning has hired such people. A call or a message will let them know that you need their assistance which they will be more than glad to offer. And at the most reasonable and affordable prices that will make you happy and not exceed your predetermined budget.

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