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Commercial air conditioning refers to the really big applications for climate and air quality control. Applications installed in restaurants, hotels, shops, department stores, shopping malls, office buildings, concert halls, stadiums and every other similar building that requires temperature and air purity services. Installing air conditioning systems in a regular household or even an apartment building is relatively easy, compared to what needs to be done with this kind of applications.

First of all they must be designed. Preferably during the construction phase if possible. A commercial AC needs experts to have the full plans of the facility, the full specifications and a full rundown of the electrical wiring and gas mains installations as well as the number of people that the system will provide climate and air control for on a regular basis.

In most cases the readily available solutions will not be enough. The company which undertakes the responsibility of installing an air conditioning system in such an environment must have the expertise and the knowledge to draft a specification sheet which will provide the appropriate solution needed in each specific case.

Then they must have the proper agreements in place so that they can order these systems from a manufacturing company to be constructed at a reasonable cost which will not skyrocket the customer’s budget.

However it is not just the main machinery that is involved here. It is also the ducts, the pipes, the controllers, the valves and everything else that is required. Commercial applications have to be built from top to bottom with heavy customization of the solutions along the way and some adaptations and variations to the original plan, as sometimes clients may even change their minds about what they need after the installation has begun.

Commercial air conditioning is also involved in other cases. A restaurant may require an air conditioning system for the dining area where the customers will enjoy their breakfast, lunch and dinner, but they also require a rather big refrigeration area where they will keep the fruits and vegetables fresh and a walk-in freezer where the meat and other products that must be kept frozen will be stored.

Department stores have the same needs as above but they also need provisions made for entire rows of commercial refrigeration products and a very efficient energy management system that will keep the power bill as low as possible. Including any possible humidifiers or dehumidifiers, air purifiers and all the assorted peripherals that go with such installations, we are talking about major business for a company that knows how to handle cases like the above.

It is obvious that whoever wants to install a commercial air conditioning system will contact various companies to ask for offers and information, then sort out the best of them and choose which company to assign the business to. Miami Air Conditioning is one of these companies. We take special pride in installing such systems as these are the ones who have made our brand name and kept our customer support rating very high.

This is our greatest asset. Our clients have enjoyed a very high quality of services at the most reasonable and affordable rates that they have no problem referring us to their friends and relatives who in turn refer us to even more. Feel free to ask for our customer reviews. After you are satisfied with our reputation, we will get down to doing business.

We will design, install and fine tune any kind of air conditioning that is required. And then we will maintain it so that it keeps running efficiently for a very long time. This way you will get a return of the capital spent and then start making a profit out of our services. Which means that our services have been successful yet again.

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