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In the HVAC section we discussed about the basics of an installation of an HVAC system and what it provides. Let’s discuss now about the products that are involved in such a project:

A) Packaged heating and cooling
This is actually an enclosed setup that can be positioned either on a roof top or another adequate space and contains all the machinery required to provide both heating and air conditioning. There are systems that can cover up to 6.5 tons of capacity requirements, 12.5 tons all the way up to a maximum of 65 tons. It’s up to the technician to recommend which enclosure will work best per case.

B) Packaged heat pumps
These use electricity to provide heat for an area that needs heating. The latest models have incorporated the environmental issues that allow for the minimal use of power to provide the required results. There are models available to cover needs up to 5 tons, while different series can go up to 12.5 tons.

Based on the total surface of the area to be covered, it may be required to install more than one heat pumps or to have one specifically designed and custom manufactured.

C) Outdoor and indoor split systems
Split systems are those that have the machinery for the heat pumps and the air conditioning separated. The big ones are usually installed on the roof tops while there are small units that are supposed to be installed indoors. Outdoor units can handle capacities up to 600 MBH and 12.5 EER. Usually these are used in office buildings, schools, hotels and hospitals rather than ordinary households.

D) Energy Recovery Ventilators
These are the more environmentally friendly systems involved in such an installation. Also they reduce the operational cost by using the exhaust air to condition the outdoor air making them an item that is much appreciated by everyone installing an HVAC.

E) Other equipment
There is no HVAC installation that is left without controllers. These controllers allow for each isolated room in a house, or one office in a corporation to have different settings than the other. This is the most important part in this category. The others are ducts, pipes, valves and every other piece of equipment that will make the installation work.

A professional that knows what he is doing can select from the commercially available options which one best fits the requirements of a certain space. This is not a job that can be done by amateurs or inexperienced people. This is not a process where not employing professionals to save money will actually save you money.

This is a process requiring professionals that have the necessary experience to size up the needs and suggest a solution that will also allow for contingencies like building additional rooms or accommodating more people than the usual number. Well-trained and experienced personnel like the ones employed by Miami Air Conditioning.

Tell us what you need over the phone or through a message. These people will know what to do so that your needs are covered within your budget. This is what we are best at. All we need is for you to let us serve you with what we do best.

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