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It all started the first time mankind managed to light a fire. We realized at that time that the heat is what we needed to survive through the cold months of winter especially in places where the extreme weather conditions are harsh enough to cost people their lives. Since that time, people have used various forms of harnessing fire to provide this much needed heat, mostly in the form of fire places.

However, while fireplaces are still trendy and used in many households (not only as an indication of wealth but also in completely usable setups), they cannot provide efficient temperature regulation for the entire house especially if it is a big one. Not to mention that apartment and office buildings cannot use any such arrangements.

Other solutions where sought out to cover these needs and central heating systems began making their appearance. After years of development and redesigning, it takes a lot of machinery to provide adequate heating. Machinery like:

➢ Overhead Units
Overhead units are the parts that are installed high up in the ceiling and circulate the air above the level of the normal human being. Overhead units allow for the best air distribution without the draft affecting any person in the room. This is the most frequent setup in hotels, office buildings and hospitals.

➢ Direct Vent Heating
Direct vents are the units placed usually on the floor or on a wall of each individual room and warm the air by consuming power or gas. These are most effective for heating single rooms, though some of the bigger ones can be effective for areas up to 500 square feet.

➢ Heat Pumps
If you have a warm room and a cold room next to each other separated by a door and you open the door, the natural flow is for the heat from the warmer room to expand to the cold room. Heat pumps do the exact opposite. They absorb the cold air and release it to a warmer room. They are also called heat exchangers and they are the primary units for any heating system.

➢ Energy Management Systems
Until a few years ago the power to results ratio was very low meaning that a lot of power would be required to produce the desired results from a climate control system. Energy management systems have been designed to reduce the power consumption to derive the same results, thus reducing the electric or gas bill and taking care of the environment at the same time.

➢ Circulators
For the heating systems that are based upon the circulation of hot water or air inside heating units, it is necessary to install a circulator. This controller makes sure that after the furnace has been turned on and the water or the air is heated, it will circulate through the pipes or the ducts to replace the cold water or air in the premises and thus heat the building.

➢ Wall or floor furnaces
Furnaces are as the word says. The units that are used for high temperature heating of water or air. Usually through the consumption of natural gas, oil, coal, wood or electricity. In contrast with the older furnaces, modern ones are 98% efficient and they do not need a chimney. But they do need an opening either on the side of the building or through the roof so that PVC pipes may ventilate the exhaust fumes and wasted gas.

These openings are also essential for the safety of the installation as fresh air must always be available wherever there is a furnace installed.

➢ Forced hot air and water
In both cases we are talking about hot air or water circulating through ducts, pipes, vents and plenums for the purpose of heating a place. Both air and water are returned to the central units for re-heating. Americans prefer the hot air systems while the hydronic heating system that uses hot water is extensively used in Europe.

While people can survive a hot summer without air conditioning (heat strokes are less frequent than freezing to death), heat is an issue that may cause major health problems. Dressing up in layers like onions may be the proper solution when we are outdoors and moving from place to place, but it is not the proper solution when we are indoors.

Inside a place is when we must feel comfortable. At home we are supposed to be able to relax and rest. At the office we are supposed to be able to concentrate on our work and do things right. None of the above are served if we are trembling because of the cold and need to wear gloves to type. It is also when we are supposed to have peace of mind and trust as to the efficiency of our climate regulation system.

We are here to provide this peace of mind for you. Our top professional technicians can undertake any heating system installation no matter how complicated. Contact us with your thoughts and ideas and what it is that you want to do. Our experience guaranties that we will provide you with the most appropriate solution that will match both your needs and your budget.

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